How much of an entrepreneur are you?

Entrepreneurship runs in my blood. I’ve had the entrepreneurial bug ever since I was a little boy. It was engrained in me for as long as I can remember. In this world, there are many differing opinions of whether entrepreneurship is something you’re born with or something you learn. I believe that everyone is born with it; however, for many, it’s buried under cultural conditioning. This conditioning happens mostly unintentionally but it happens nonetheless. It’s well-meaning parents, coaches, teachers, advisors, and counselors who inadvertently take the entrepreneurial spirit out of kids.

Think about some of the most powerful characteristics inherent in the best entrepreneurs out in our world today. They are courageous, loud, bold, persistent, visionary, believing, problem- solving individuals who take their biggest dreams and make them come alive. Even amidst the onslaught of nay-sayers, they ignore everyone telling them what they can’t do and persist in what they know they can do

Now, think about the characteristics of every child from the time they’re born until 3 or 4 years old. I don’t know about you but I see the very same characteristics. I see children who are courageous in taking their first steps, loud in letting the world know that they’re hungry, dirty, or tired, bold in the questions they ask and the statements they make, persistent in not stopping until they get what they want, visionary with their imaginations and what is possible, completely believing of everything taught to them, and problem-solving with any obstacle that lies in their path from getting what they want.

What happened to this entrepreneurial spirit that each of us possessed?

It was buried under years of conditioning and there are very few who have started the quest of reclaiming that spirit.

I teach entrepreneurs all over the world 7 key principles that will help them find the entrepreneur inside of themselves. I hope they help you build upon the entrepreneur inside of you.


Here are, what I call, the NeveSevenTM :

  1. Show up. MOVE! You won’t get anything done standing still. When you have a vision, you must take steps every day to MOVE in the direction of that vision.
  2. See it. WATCH! There are signs all around you and you have to be aware of those signs.
  3. Say it. TALK! Talk your way through your dream and watch who will come to your side to help.
  4. Seize it. CLAIM! When the time is right, claim the opportunity that’s yours.
  5. Study it. LEARN! This is one of the most critical steps that most people miss. After every failure or success, study everything for learning moments.
  6. Shift it. ADAPT! After learning, make shifts in what you will do next time.
  7. Start Higher. REACH! Get back in the game. Even if you’ve fallen and don’t think you can get back, realize that failure only happens when you quit. Reach deeper within yourself to start higher next time. Don’t let today’s failures stop you from tomorrow’s triumphs.

There is an entrepreneur inside each of us who is just waiting for permission to be let out. Go find that courageous, loud, bold, persistent, visionary, believing, problem-solving entrepreneur inside of you.